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1) one who judges medical marijuana strains for exotic flower flavors, aromas and potency levels , distinguishing charicteristics between Indicas Hybrids and Sativas , meddibles, wax concentrates, hash, oils, vapors,

2)medical marijuana judge, judging the farmers harvest on all senses sight, smell, touch and taste.
CRONNISSEUR (cron-is-sor) ,sour diesel, afgan kush, OG kush , the purps ,mango. sensi, black domina, blackberry, maui wowie, cindy 99, blueberry, chem, chemdawg, cough, strawberry , banana kush, haze, skunk, pineapple, Durban poison, mango , sugar , god, flo , xj , trainwrek, catpiss, ect...
by GILBOSTAX91XCI February 13, 2014
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