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Having sex with and impregnating multiple women within a short time period.
Mark: How many kids do you have?
Antonio: 8, and they are all 3 and have different mommies.
Mark: Wow, you are a raging cromosexual.
#cromartie #sex #children #jets #baby
by Cromoseks31 January 23, 2012
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a person that rejects people with any variation of "crow" in their name. Often ignorant and scared of the various "crow family values". Not to be mistaken of with a phobia of the bird.
Tom: I just saw Sheryl Crowe on TV, I broke out in a cold sweat!
Jack: What are you man, a cromosexual?
#crowe #crow #homosexual #phobia #family
by Ken Tirlone January 03, 2008
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