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To recieve a ride on the handlebars of someone's bicycle, whilst they are pedaling.
Giz a croggy! (I would appreciate it if I may ride on the handlebars of your bicylce whilst you pedal)
by Nick May 21, 2004
to give a person a ride on your crossbar.
'croggy' = short for 'crossbar'.
'oi! - gis a croggy to the shops!'
by Kev Landy July 23, 2006
To give someone i lift on your pushbike or motorbike
Giz a 'croggy' home mate
by LeicesterMan June 15, 2009
adj. feeling crappy and groggy at the same time; usually when someone wakes up from a weird sleep.
Last night it was way too hot in Amanda's room. She woke up feeling croggy.
by Tess Scape January 30, 2011
A mixture of a playful little kittycat, a sweet doggy and a funny frog

A sweet thing to say to your boyfriend
' your my sweet croggy'

He : i love u hun
You: ahh you're such a croggy!
by Multinasim112 January 23, 2012
Scrachy, smoker voice.
"Aww, that ladys voice is croggy."
by Parker Hull January 21, 2009