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hoe + crush = croe
meaning: a girl or guy who likes 20 guys at the same time
person 1: i like that guy
person 2: i thought u liked that other one and the one with the abs
person 1: yeah, and i like this guy too!

person 2: *thinks* such a croe!

person 3: i like turtles
by mevvio November 13, 2011
32 1
Casual, yet experienced.
Can also be substituted for awesome, amazing, and spectacular
Originated in Cleveland, Ohio

Not to be mistaken for the bird.
Alyssa: Dude, did you just see that shot? Totally croe.
Julia: Look at Chad working those girls. He's trying to look so croe.
by jparker123321 July 20, 2010
5 22
This word is used to describe a feeling of surprise or anger , etc. It can also be used as like " What the croe is this? "
" Holy Croe , this is awesome ! "
by Mari December 10, 2004
1 27