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The meanest critter on earth. Front half of a crocodile on one end, front half of an alligator on the other. Having no provision for defecation, it get more and more constipated as it ages, which makes it uncommonly mean.
Crocogators are found all over the warmer parts of the world, mostly underwater.
by agtofc October 05, 2010
Not a crocodile, but not an alligator. A little of both. Kind of like Patty Duke performing both Patty and Cathy on the Patty Duke show. Well, not really, as they were both the same person, and a croc and a gator are not the same animal. Still, the term is useful when a huge reptile is about to eat you and you can't distinguish between the two.
You: Help! A big reptile is about to eat me!
Someone else: What kind of big reptile
You: I don't know, maybe it is a crocodile, and maybe it is an alligator!
Someone else: You will have to be more specific!
You: Arrrrrghhhhh, I am being eaten alive by a crocogator!
Someone else: Aha, now I understand!
by mysterious contributor January 15, 2008
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