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Fat in the can
That girl got crisco!!!
by J.P. Wiles August 20, 2008
12 12
a fat person (cruel, also a rude term of adress, see also fatso)
Some crisco bumped into me without saying excuse me.
by Light Joker September 26, 2005
12 19
To insert a penis into the anus without a rubber or any form of lube.
"Dude, i didnt have a rubber so i had to Crisco the bitch".
by mitchymitchymitchy September 30, 2009
11 26
lame person, like fat or lardy dude just like crisco!!
listen here crisco, the gook's been GREASED SPOOK!!
(also see spook and gook and grease)
by jackie loves vinny July 05, 2003
4 20
bad drugs
this dope is crisco
by tuff puff February 23, 2004
5 22
A gamer substitute for the word Christ used in some games whose swear filters, for some inexplicable reason, don't allow the use of the word Christ. Often used in the compound phrase jebus crisco as a substitute for Jesus Christ.
Jebus fukkin crisco! Why the hell doesn't this swear filter allow you to say jesus ******?!?!?!?1
by RoboSpy March 29, 2004
9 27