Top Definition
1)A Cripled retard
2)a name you call people you dont like
Ya Criptard
by josh November 21, 2003
A person who both displays both Cripple features and Retarded mental capacity.
"Scott was so lame that often he was refered to as a criptard"
"Your such a crip-tard"
by Lee Bee May 25, 2003
one who is retarded to the max..with the added insult of them also being a crip
gumby and fat can also be added to criptard to increase embarasment..fat* gumby* criptard
Rob-Oi look at that dikhed
Gaz- Yeah i know man
Rob- who dus that fat gumby criptard think he is?
Gaz- i dunno but he sure is criptarded
by robdogggggg May 20, 2007
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