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Cripesy (krIpsee) – Generally the adjective form of cripes but occasionally used as an exclamation. The word can be used to mean several things, but useage and voice inflection is important to convey the proper meaning.

1 – Someone’s bad or irritable mood.
2 – A physical irritation or unpleasantness.
3 – Something soiled or dirty.
4 – Someone whorish or diseased.
5 – Describing a less than satisfactory effort and result.
6 – Something that doesn’t go together.
7 – Unstable or poorly constructed.
8 – Poorly performing and functioning.
9 – Expressing dismay, being overwhelmed, anxious, or flustered.
10 – An exclamation of surprise.
1 - Chris needs to get laid; he has sure been cripesy lately
2 - After running ten miles yesterday, my left knee is sure cripesy.
3 - After being on the river, drinking and falling in and out of the canoe all day, my clothes and I were pretty cripesy.
4 - That girl that Jim picked up at the bar was sure cripesy…he should probably go to the clinic.
5 - That pass that I just shanked was sure cripesy. (volleyball)
6 - Bella, being pregnant, craved the cripesy combination of pickles and ice cream. Travis must have been drunk to wear black shoes with a brown belt, it was pretty cripesy.
7 - The cripesy stairs shook and wobbled as I walked down them. Drunk Chris stumbled into the wall…he was sure cripesy.
8 – The cripesy flashlight flickered off and on during the power outage.
9 - “I have to go to the gym, let the dog out, finish my homework and be at work by 7 tomorrow morning…cripesy, I’m not going out tonight.”
10 - “Cripesy, two open parking spots by the door!”
by Trloch March 19, 2008
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