a slang word for crutches
You're on cripsticks again!? You clumsy hoe!
by njsur1786 August 03, 2011
Top Definition
when you roll two blunts end by end to make it a blunt thats twice as long.
Nigga you be rollin those crip sticks with peach optimos!
by kayosfie November 12, 2007
A demeaning term for crutches. Also used in conjunction with the word "gimp" while making fun of a crippled person.
Yo son gimme my crip sticks so i dont have to gimp around.
by shalyn is a ho April 30, 2007
a blunt (not a joint a blunt) cigar weed something like swisher sweets or optimos
Yo Xavier (a.k.a. X) hey pass dat cripstick sippy time
by Street Racer X February 14, 2008
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