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An extremely small penis most often completely lacking testes. Similar to a micropenis except it looks to be about the size of a cooked pea. It is called crip dick because all crips have them and enjoy rubbing them with just about anything they can get their hands on to simulate something they will never actually experience in life.
Becky laughed at Tyrone when he took his pants off and she saw his crip dick.

It doesnt help girls to kick crips in the balls because they dont have any due to their crip dicks.

The crip tried to have the male prostitute give him a handjob but the poor guy couldnt find it anywhere.
by Biggle-Pie September 09, 2006

A person who exercises full authoritarian control and has, at the same time, lost the full usage of one or more limbs.

Crippled (crip) Dictator (dick).
Look at that cripdick barking out orders, who does he think he is?
by chowping March 21, 2011
A Crip with a big ass dick and knows how to work it.
After we fucked i told him it was alot better then being drunk nd he said of course it is... its Crip Dick.
by Horny Chic December 27, 2004

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