v. 'crotch-drinking' the act of consuming alcohol via an alcohol soaked tampon or butt chug.
Brian: "How was work today, Kevon?"

Kevon: "Not bad. I was crinking all day and no one knew."
by Andrej Shelbornek February 05, 2010
the art of craft shopping and drinking along the way
Start "crinking" in small towns outside of your area and "crink" your way home. Of course you will be too "crunk" to drive so you will take a "crab ride" home.
The drinking or consumption of alcohol in order to get crunk.

You must crink to get crunk.
Dave - "Hey Mike I'm keen to do some crinking."

Mike - "Yeah Dave - lets get Crunk!"
by Derrok December 22, 2009
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