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The upper terminus of the crack where the two halves of the buttocks meet forming a reservoir for diluted fecal matter. The opposite of the taint.
My crink reeked of week-old poop, since I hadn't showered in 5 days.

Since my bowels were not going to move anytime soon, I scraped out my crink with my finger for the stool sample.
by frkflg January 12, 2010
Noun - a female of the C. Lupus species once abundant in North America but now with a reduced population due to destruction of it's territory. The female, as with any female in non domesticated species, is particularly known for her ferocity and protectiveness of her young.
Stan, you couldn't lead a starving bitch wolf with ten suckling pups to a three day old roadkill.
by frkflg January 01, 2012
A style of French fries made by slicing the potato into long, thin slivers then laying them across each other in a checker board, crisscross pattern. Named in reference to an early 1990s hip hop group called Kriss Kross who had a popular song called "Jump". Hence, French fries that crisscross are "jump jump fries."

Crisscross pattern French fries available from certain fast food restaurants. Often enjoyed with gutbombs.
Drive through voice: Welcome to ....... would you care to try our new gigantor burger?
Hungry motorist: Naw, gimme 10 gutbombs and a large jump jump fries.
by frkflg January 12, 2010

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