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Crippin' and Chillin in one. Some crips would use this term when feeling lean or otherwise tipsy.
Blue1: Yo whats good cuz?
Blue2: Nuttin man jus crillin'.
#crippin #crips #chillin #click #c's up
by Nasty Link October 31, 2005
A fag. Being gay, usually a person named Sammy
Person A: "Dude, why you being such a fag?"

Person B: "Get it right, he's being a Crillin"

Person C: "Get with the program, he's being a Sammy"

Jose: "You guys are all idiots, it's all da same shit, he's gay period. Now that's wazzup!!!"
#sammy #gay #fag #rainbow #fruit
by 209 STOCKTON BLOOD May 16, 2008
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