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A vast language based off modern day English that catches on quickly to anyone exposed to it. Crillee replaces certain words with strange slang no one has ever heard or would ever say to a parental/school/career figure. Lets take this normal phone conversation between two friends for example:

Friend 1: Hello?
Friend 2: Hey, it's me. What's up?
Friend 1: Nothing much. What about you?
Friend 2: Same here. Just wondering if you would like to shoot the breeze tonight?
Friend 1: Yeah, I'd like to. Have you called any other of our friends?
Friend 2: Yes, I spoke to several. We will be meeting at *friend*'s place in about twenty minutes.
Friend 1: That sounds great. I will see you there.
Friend 2: Ok. See ya!

Now lets replace that conversation with Crillee's lingo and time-efficiency:
Friend 1: Yeeeeeeeee
Friend 2: Yeeeeeeeee. Ya wan hang?
Friend 1: Yeeeeeeeee
Friend 2: Aite juss come to tha tOwNhOuSe
Friend 1: AITE LATAZ
Friend 2: latas
English to Crillee Translations:
"What's up? Do you want to hang out tonight?"
"Ya Wan Hang"

"Jason was driving his camaro and hydroplaned into a tree. It was crazy. He is a homosexual"
"Jur. Sur. waz driving daz kamaro and hydroplaned bummers. It wuz kraz, GG nub"

by X Post Owen X March 08, 2007
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