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1. An action or a personality type that typifies egocentricity and/or self-serving laziness. A person who is a 'Crid' is exemplifed as one who lies on his resume, gets a great job and bullshits his way through life. Similar to a buster but reflected in a more positive, humorous light.
2. A negative action by another person.
Example 1:That Crid just kicks it in his office chillin all day while everyone just sings his praises.
Example 2: That bitch cridded my paycheck and docked me for being three minutes late!
by Cridicus Arelius June 21, 2005
a bum, or a lazy out of work person. a lurker or someone who just lurks out all day under the pier. this person has either no job, or their job is to be a thief. they have little to no money, probably no car either. parasite kind of mentality, give nothing back to society. a real scumbag.
what a crid that guy is!

that crid stole my bike!
by cridcity August 19, 2010
Something very cool, or sweet!
That shirt is crid.
by Rick Chizzle January 28, 2009
(noun) a word (acronym) that is much more polite than the phase, "having your head up your ass".

That guy sure has a case of the crid. or

Are you suffering from crid?

That chump didn't know nothing. Man, he has the crid.
by Scott Kilgore August 24, 2006
The white people term for cool.
Hahaha nah its not white...I don't think...
Well idk, but a white chick told me about it.

It means cool.

And it sounds better if you say it like "hella crid" or "hella fucking crid," cus then you sound like your from the west coast :D
Oh my gawd, your jerkin moves are helluh fuckin crid fershure.
by killakyraskeetskeet July 26, 2010
the word for 27 in harry potter words
i have crid dollars
by annit kuo January 08, 2004