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in Kirksville MO's society, a young/baby cricker.

Word originated from Ponderosa employees who hate tuesday nights because its kid night and all the crickers would bring in their cricklets and let them run wild all over the store.

Cricklets can result from two crickers hooking up or one cricker and one normal person or even two normal people.

Scientists arent sure but they believe that cricklets result in a malfunction in the human sperm, also known as bad baby batter.
Man it's cricklet night at Pondo again!
Look at that little cricklet.
That cricklet just bit me!
by dbanner January 23, 2009
children of shit crickers
How many cricklets did those shit crickers have? Look at those cricklets playing outside that trailer.
by gryffin March 27, 2013