(abv.) short hand for "Chronic Rectum Failure", a disease which infects long-term Counter-Strike players
1st guy"man i played CS for like... 5 days and i got some bad CRF"
2nd guy"dayym"
by 7aipan August 02, 2005
Top Definition
n., pronounced 'kriff'
also crfing, crfed, crfs

1. caramel Frappucino
2. a cool cat
3. any cool cats chilling in Starbucks
4. to mill about with the cool cats behind Starbucks
Person 1: What did you do last night, crf?
Person 2: I crfed up the scene with Chrisscina.
Person 1: WoRd!!!
by Ponies November 11, 2006
(abv.) Short-hand for "Commonly Rejected Faggot", a term used to describe arrogant club-goers and terrace-dancers
1st guy "hey doorg, did u get anything last nite-igity?"
2nd guy "narr ay, im a CRF"
1st guy "dayym"
by 7aipan August 02, 2005
a rad person hitting up the scene, also used as a term of freindship.
"Yo crf, you hitting up the scene tonight" response: "yeah, crfy, ill be there" "word."
by jesus pip July 14, 2006
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