a place that you tend to slip into once you've engaged yourself in some marijuana usage.

a place in the couch that your body fits perfectly in.

when you finally settle and get comfortable.
"dude, get out of the crevice!"

stoner#1: "hit this bowl man"
stoner#2: "nah man, i'm already in the crevice!"

"everytime i get high some how i find myself in the crevice!"
by Monica Bonica May 10, 2006
Top Definition
Another word for vagina.
Can also be used to describe a friend's anatomy that rarely gets laid.
It's been so long for Tara her crevice is starting to rot.

Is that smell coming from your crevice?
by viscious_tart March 28, 2005
Crevice is that spot that is between every thing, usually surrounded by other layers or obstacles.
deep down in the Crevice i found a penny.


i just ratted out the bag of chips right in the Crevice.


meet me in the Crevice of the car park.


so many Crevice, not enough space to flex out.
by Allotta March 07, 2009
Pronounced: ˈkrɛvas/

A woman or man that absorbs an alarmingly inconvienent amount of time; most likely found during a night of festivities.
Jack really fell into that crevice last night; he was stuck in conversation for hours upon hours.

Ladies, let's please do our best to stay way from the crevices tonight and buy our own drinks.
by Maximmm June 29, 2016
a person who is an asshole
my dad is a crevice
by TEK312 August 12, 2010
When a bitch is being over the top and out of control. Passed the point of ratchet and light years beyond doodoo. Crazy, nasty, obnoxious and everything else. Just a motha fucking mess
Noona: Did you see how that bitch got kicked out of her house, then got the nerve to go around on facebook saying she in a relationship with some 42 year old!
Seang: Oh hell no he older than my daddy!! That bitch is crevices!!
by FruityPebbles May 29, 2011
Collective noun used in conjunction with builders and other manual labourers whose pants are gravitationally challenged.
A crevice of builders.
by RichAustPaulJohn June 17, 2006
The crack of the arse.
Dude! pull up your pants, I can see your crevice! And it's vile!
by Vegas_Malone March 05, 2008
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