One who sends pics of his ding dong repeatedly and masturbates on girls backs while they sleep...
Kevin Dirks, ultimate crepper
by bs703 January 01, 2010
Top Definition
an extremely creepy creeper. Pronounced Creh-purr.
That guy is such a crepper! He needs to put on some pants!
by SofiaLikesSemen January 03, 2009
(1) Someone who collects crepes

(2) Someone who can't fucking spell the word creeper
(1) Did you see that sweet creppe store back there? I should stop by and update my collection.

(2) What a fucking crepper!
by eliselololz July 01, 2009
A crepper is a person who can be classified as a creeper but they are extra creepy, therefore they are called a crepper.
Look at that crepper creppin' down the side of the road.

That guy asked if he could bite my fingernails for me, what a crepper!
by sillybandzz12 June 17, 2010
A person with a strange infatuation with pepper
Damn, Sasha lay off the pepper you will become a crepper.
by Mai1212 November 11, 2009
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