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When a woman catches a guy's cum in her hand and then gently blows on it until the top layer solidifies. Then she has to lightly tap the "crust" with her fingernail and eat her lovely desert.
I gave my girlfriend a lovely creme brulee the other night.
by Cee Reezy March 15, 2008
cunnilingus through a scab. The receiving party should have a large scab covering their vaginal opening. The partner performing the act pokes through the scab with his/her tongue, or chews through it with their teeth in order to perform oral sex. Swallowing the scab is optional.
i went down on Zoe and much to my chagrin, a creme brulee was in order to finish the act.
by jar bear August 15, 2004
A reference to HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, in which Zeke is a basketball player who likes to cook.
Creme Brulee! Keep your voice down low! Not another word! No! Not another peep! No!!!!