Top Definition
to steal
as in the tv minister Creflo A Dollar
urban origin
Manzz dont axe fo sheet, creflo dat motherfucka.
by but its not porn February 01, 2004
The surface area on the inner, lower section of your buttocks -- connecting to the thigh.
"Oh man...I was sitting on the bus and spilled coffee. I was soaked from my creflo to my ankles."

"Mmm Mmm...dat ass, though! You KNOW shawty reppin' a mean creflo."
by B-Street April 09, 2013
a monetary amount, ie dollars.
Man, my rent is due and I ain't got the creflos. I ain't got the kinda creflos for that!
by Pembleton January 31, 2007
A very misunderstood man, Very wise in his ways, a man who believes poverty will do just what it has already done...kill people. A man who doesn't care about what others think of him, a man who is more concerned about the truth. A man who would help those who have slandered his name. A man who doesn't talk about others, but they talk about him. A man who is really a man, a great leader.
I spoke negative about Creflo and he still came to pray for me on my death bed; I'm alive today because God answered our prayer.
by trugurl February 12, 2011
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