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A sexual technique by which a girl pretends to be asleep or actually is asleep, followed by the guy "creepering" their way into the "sleeping" girl's private areas.
Sometimes used synonomously with the verb form "to creeper", the act of commiting creeper style.
Tommy: "Hey Bob, you get any action with that new girlfriend of yours last night?"
Bob: "I was up watching ALF reruns when she went to bed, but I creepered her before I fell asleep... so it's all good."
Tommy: "I hear yah, doggy style, creeper style... at least you have a chic."
by Monkey J Monk January 17, 2009
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The act in which a hornybitch takes advantage of a mechanic lying on a wheeled platform (known as a creeper) under her car. This style of coitus usually involves the female sitting froggystyle upon his throbbing member.
mechanic: "Dude, you'll never guess what happened last night!"
friend: "What happened, Skipper?"
mechanic: "I totally boinked this girl creeperstyle while changing her oil!"
by Matticus Aurelius July 20, 2010
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