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1. A word used to describe one who has been a victim of scorn or derision due to having been successfully compromised of their integrity. Being derived of a combination of two words, creamed and hacked, to elaborate the greatest severity of being compromised of ones sapposed wholeness due to being blatantly proven of their own dishonesty and/or fraudulent actions.

Also see pwned, 0wned, and n00b 5:2.
1. You've been creamhackered!

2. Tom is such a creamhackered, but at least he admits it!
by Utaks October 01, 2004
1337 hax0r who gets his jollys off by haxoring nubz. Die nUBZ DIEEE!!!
creamhackered haxed my pals computerz! Nhooes my mega-hurtz !theyve been stollens!
by wanna-be creamhackered August 16, 2003
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