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An expletive, used at random, to denote astonishment to an astonishing event or utterance. Generally, but not necessairly, follow by an exclamation point. Used more in IM then in speech.
Orignally created by a sleep-deprived baker, it can be replaced by athanapples for the Moslem who whiches to exclaim astonisment.
You say the world is my oyster?! Well, that's just plain crazycakes!
by Claude Pfeffernuesse August 17, 2006
n. A person who is extraordinarily bizarre or loopy; an act of lunacy
Lindsay Lohan is seriously crazycakes. The whole Jay Leno/Conan thing was crazycakes!
by Nanbolein January 22, 2010
A YTMND fad which includes characters from the kid's show "Lazy Town".

In the segment, one of the main characters, Stephanie, sings about baking a crazy cake, if the way is hazy.
"Hey did you see that YTMND with the girl with the intense pink hair about the crazy cake?"
"Yea it was really annoying and unoriginal, I 5'd it"
by NP1214 September 30, 2006
not to be confused with your average deranged pastry, the term "crazy cakes" is used to express an extreme degree or abundance of a physical object or idea
martina is cool like crazy cakes
by obstina June 15, 2010
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