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1. Taken from the re-hashed, Arsenal Football Club season-winning version of 'Crazy In Love' by Beyonce Knowles. Lyrics "Lookin' so crazy the-Gooners got me lookin', got me lookin' so crazy the-Gooners". Used to describe something that is mad to the point of disbelief, but in a fun way.

2. A Renault Laguna which is gold in colour.
I almost died riding the rollercoaster on Yarmouth pier - it was crazy lagooners!

- My pops has just purchased a crazy lagooner.
- What, you mean a gold Renault Laguna?
- Correct.
by Gavin July 02, 2004
crazy people that live in a lagoon
an example of a crazy lagooner (plural - crazy lagooners) is a fish, perhaps or maybe even a mermaid.
by pumpterskultra December 30, 2005
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