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A word used by a pompous and / or arrogant person while attempting to befuddle and frustrate a would-be verbal aggressor. The word has no literal meaning by itself. Rather, it's use alone defines it. It's a 'widget' of verbal warfare.
Man, what's up your craw this morning - did you not get enough sleep?
by Sethboy June 07, 2005
A word used in place of any body part. Meant to infuriate with it's lack of known meaning.
"Hey man, what's up your craw?"
by Batousai Dave August 03, 2004
the crop (gullet) of an insect or a bird; the stomach of an animal.
An idion: stuck in my craw
by Marty Keane August 19, 2005
A word referring to the crop of a bird or insect, the stomach of an animal, or the human throat. Most commonly confused with any other part of the body, particularly the genitals.
"What's up your craw?"

"What? Ew. Way to make a situation awkward ..."
by Craw Master July 03, 2006
Erin's silly engrish typo
go...pikachu! "Chu!"
Go...grizzly bear! "RAOWR!"
"ROAWR!!!!!" *craws*
grizzly bear wins.
by A mystery May 10, 2005
Something you yell at a person when you want them to get the fuck out of your face.
Craw Bitch Craaaww!!!!!!!!!
by Angel & Cocoa May 08, 2008
a mythical place where memories, events, relationships and experiences get stuck

usually "stuck in your craw" or "stuck in my craw" refers to the phenomenon as it is experienced by males.

The phenomenon frequently causes grudges.
Hey man, what's John got stuck in his craw now?

I'm not sure, but I think it's about that promotion he didn't get. He's still mad at his supervisor.
by dp9 May 24, 2005