"in the crate" describes any automobile clad in simulated wood grain vinyl.
My favorite color for a Grand Wagoneer is white, in the crate, with blue interior.
by Nick Victim April 29, 2004
bastardisation of the designation for the second generation Toyota Celica gt four the ST185
i.e 185=one crate five
usually used in a derogatory way by ST205 owners(see the word FAFF in this dictionary

"thats a rusty crate you have there"
"that crate was really moving"
by magpie_four April 30, 2005
An American guitar amp company that makes two kinds of amps, blue voodoo and crap.
That blue voodoo stack is sweet...but I don't have two grand.

I have a crate amp *weeps*.
by talkingmouth August 10, 2006
A hundred dollar bill or money that adds up to a hundred.
If you have two hundred dollars, then you have two crates.(gti-get the idea)
"I got a hundred dollars"
"Oh, so you got a crate. Well, I got 6 crates"
"Damn, you got 6 hundred dollars?"
by Pillsbury boy October 19, 2008
the box in which palumbo came over the border in, since he is an adopted immagrint, his dad, Boots, makes him go in there when he is bad and only allows him one air hole..
Boots: You wanna mouth off to me boy?
Palumbo: Maybe
Boots: Thats it, ur gonig in the crate and you only get one air hole
by Bob, Toothless March 29, 2005
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