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Often imitated, never duplicated.

1. Crashnbrn is an internet personality that has been around for 15 years, as of June of 2012.

She has been everything from a D&D style pyromancer, named 'Perfect girlfriend of the Internets' from 1999-2003, and more.

She was the first one to come up with the meme 'It's navy!'' and the conjunction words 'Cutiful', 'prettiful', and 'confuzzled'.

2. Used when calling someone 'the perfect girlfriend'. (Also known as an 'Autumn')

3. Someone who comes up with memes or conjunction or 'understandable make-up' words. (Also known as a 'crash'.)
1. "Hey, I'm a crashnbrn! I just came up with the word 'smarticles'!"

"Wow, Crash! That's cool!"

2. I'm so lucky to have you. You're such an Autumn... a real crashnbrn.
#autumn #crash #crashandburn #crashnbrn2 #crashnburn
by One and only Crash sidekick! December 21, 2010
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