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Pertaining to any media related to Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.
New Moon is crapuscular.
by Nero Briggs October 22, 2010
Of or referring to poop or fecal matter.
That joke was purely crapuscular!

"what's that horrible smell in the bathroom?" "i don't know, but it's crapuscular!"
by Udderly punny March 23, 2010
1. Crapuscular individuals are those who are primarily active at the start and at the end of a crisis, and otherwise dormant.
2. A skill taught by higher-echelon project management academies.
When a project or organisation encounters the crap hitting the fan, a crapuscular individual will be highly active as to be seen to assist with the crisis, then revert to an inactive state while the crisis is in play. Once the crap is resolved, the individual will become active once again, again with the intent of being highly visible during the resolution of a crisis, despite being dormant while the real work was going on.
by Tursiae January 06, 2014
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