A crapstoner is a type of white trash redneck that is particularly unsuccessful in life, has an inferiority complex and is very angry and bitter towards others. Most have little formal education and are prone to violence and profane or derogatory language that is used to make the crapstoner feel better about himself or herself. The term crapstoner is largely regional in use with high concentrations in the Southeastern United States, particularly the state of Alabama, as it most often refers to fans of the University of Alabama’s athletic teams.
Don't be a crapstoner, flaming on an AU forum is not cool.

Did you see all of those crapstoners at the Alabama football game?

I can't believe you just said you hate a university, you didn't even graduate from high school. You're such a crapstoner.
by muh-fohng-oh February 13, 2013

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