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A poorly built home, often referred to as a shithole.
This crapshack is infested with rats.
by yehaw May 27, 2003
A crappy, poorly built and maintained house, often referred to as a shithole.
by Anonymous May 31, 2003
A place of crapping, also known as a porta-poty
Jack:"Aww man, I gotta drop a steamer in the crap shack"
by chris dubyah December 11, 2005
where several faves live propping up a bar with their fish
prebooze at crapshack then?
by miffygrl May 03, 2011
An exclamation of shittiness.
Crapshacks I just dropped that nug out the window!
by momexicans July 28, 2008
a car that your rich parents (thats if your parents are rich or u dont have any) buy you a crappy car that looks like they found it in a shack.
man that kid driver a big ass crap shack
by El Daniel Moxley December 09, 2004