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Used pejoratively, to describe women irresponsibly having children for the sake of having children, without regard to how they'll be taken care of; or referring to women trapped in a subservient position, generally within a patriarchal or relgiious culture, in which she serves the function of a brood mare, forced to have many children to satisfy some standard that has been imposed upon her. The term implies that these mothers have no serious regard for their children or the responsibility of childbirth, but rather, like dogs or cats, simply let nature take its course. One woman who has recently been described as crapping out babies is Nadya Sulieman, the young Southern California woman who recently had octuplets, after already giving birth to six other children--all through fertility treatments.
"I'm tired of these welfare mothers crapping out babies just so they can get more money from the taxpayer"; "In many Middle East countries women are kept ignorant and barefoot, crapping out babies they can barely feed, just so their husbands can feel proud of themselves."
#crappin' out babies, #shitting babies, #irish twins, #palestinian twins, #dropping babies
by Jim Dawson February 08, 2009
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