When one has reached his usefulness qouta in the world, or simply given up personal hygene maintainence when appearing publicly.
He is wearing sweatpants and a stained Wifebeater t-shirt to the grocery store-He has "Crapped the Bed"
by Big B November 19, 2003
Top Definition
When a job seeker fluffs and bluffs on their resume to get a job interview. When they show up, they don't have the skills or experience on the resume that got them the interview, they crap the bed.
Gerrald was asked about his ability to manage 20 employees, he didn't have an answer so he crapped the bed during the interview.

Deshonda said she used MS Word for 5 years, but on the interview she didn't know how to open the program. Deshonda was asked to leave at that point. She totally crapped the bed on that one.
by Brian Mulvihill August 08, 2006
An engineering phrase used to describe what happens when a program or device fails to function as expected.
"Oh, man, I just ran that query and it totally crapped the bed."
by Bob Goodson November 15, 2006
To wake up earlier than is usual/expected.
In fact it means you have shit yourself in bed, that's why you had to get up.
I didn't realize you got up so early, did you crapped the bed?
by 2em August 09, 2007
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