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1) Bad social atmosphere

2) The atmosphere created by someone who's had a poo in a nearby toilet, and the smell has filtered throughout the whole house or general area

3) An uncomfortable social atmosphere created by a person who's farted in public (usually in a small, unventilated space).

Derived from this is the measure of unit: 'crapmospheric pressure'.
1a. Bethan caused a right crapmosphere at the wedding when she called the bride by the groom's ex-girlfriend's name.
1b. You wouldn't believe the crapmosphere after I called my boyfriend by the wrong name during sex the other night.

2. Hey- don't go on the second floor- Eleri just had a huge dump and created a crapmosphere!

3. "You can't fart in the car Carly! There's no way to get away from the crapmosphere!"
by Wilibums and Beaves January 05, 2010
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