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A word that was mistakenly created during a "funny word" conversation (i.e. Spoon is a funny word). The first person had said, "crap" and the second had said, "bunnies". Then, crapbunnies was created.

Since its creation, it has been used as a replacement for an explitive (i.e. shit) for the most part. However, it can still be used as an explanation of small round pieces of shit (that look like rabbit droppings). Or, feel free to create your own definition.
1) As I cut myself on accident with the kitchen knife, I shouted, "Crapbunnies!".
2) When I was walking down the street, I saw my ex-boyfriend, but since in company with people who don't swear, I said, "Oh crapbunnies, there is Ted."
3) Mike came back to the couch to watch football and said to his friend Dan, "Dude, I so left a bunch of crapbunnies in the John, and it totally stinks man."
by SilverCrescent June 01, 2005
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