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(n) - The person responsible for or in the act of crap dusting. Often not held in high regard amongst co-workers, friends, or anyone. The crap duster generally makes life a little less pleasant for others. Mostly found in crowded elevators or shared cubicles.
"Damn Tom!!! Did you have be the crap duster in here? Go dust somewhere else!!"
by Phrase Generator February 20, 2007
A word defining a person who consistently spreads bullshit amongst all the people they know. No relation to "crapdusting". Perpetual shit spreaders are described by this word.
Janine said to Jack, "I'm pretty sure your girlfriend is cheating on you."
Later, Jack's friend Tony says to Jack, "Janine's a total crapduster, she's perpetually spreading shit about people."

Janine's been talking shit about me again
She's a crapduster
by unbeatablejatt August 24, 2010
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