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meaning ultra stupid,like their brains were taken out and replaced by crap;Strong Bad's fave saying
"Man,I knew you had Crap for brains,but your crap for brains has crap for brains"
by Ashley L January 08, 2004

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shit for brains strong bad
1. Stupid. Careless.

2. A person evincing these characteristics.

A milder version of shit for brains.
1. "What a crap for brains thing to do."

2. "That crap for brains Bob left the oven on when he left for Jamaica."
by Famous Mortimer January 24, 2003
Pessimistic way of refering to everyone.
Hey, crap for brains, how's it going??
by Zach G. October 27, 2003
Literally having shit in your skull, in place of brains.
Stu has shit for brains, that fools needs to FFIO.
by Hempknight January 24, 2003