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When screwing a man/woman doggy-style, you fish hook her mouth to one side so that she must look at you, then, you nut in her eye.
Ohh, I just had to crankbait that bitch!
by krakahed May 03, 2009
4 1
1. The act or action of being annoying.

2. A word used to substitute a cuss word.

3. A name for someone who is bothering you in some way or another.
Stop being such a crank bait.

*hits knee on table* crank bait!

What a crank bait.
by Bobby Fletcher January 04, 2004
8 8
Extremely cool person who rules the office world.

Please see: farquad / noonie.
Hey crankbait, good job at the office today!
by Lisa February 28, 2005
6 8