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To have rough sex with a girl and have alot of stamina in doing so. Referencing "robocop" from the movie, this would suggest that the person in question is a "machine" in bed by "cranking dat robocop".
Even though robocop's manhood is constantly called into question, the saying rolls off the tongue quite nicely and sounds pretty kick-ass
"Then watch me crank dat robocop" - Souljah boy: Crank dat

I fully cranked dat robocop on this bitch last night, she couldn't walk straight the next day
by Kallum October 07, 2007
i'm tired of people thinkin every hood dance has something to do with sex...grow up people it doesn't. crank dat robocop is a dance, simple as that
first i lean then i rock
then i crank dat robocop
by ceeboski February 22, 2008
After supermanning dat hoe, take all her money.
Fool, after I superman that hoe, I'm gonna crank dat robocop!
by Jako Kot October 02, 2007