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3 definitions by Kallum

To have rough sex with a girl and have alot of stamina in doing so. Referencing "robocop" from the movie, this would suggest that the person in question is a "machine" in bed by "cranking dat robocop".
Even though robocop's manhood is constantly called into question, the saying rolls off the tongue quite nicely and sounds pretty kick-ass
"Then watch me crank dat robocop" - Souljah boy: Crank dat

I fully cranked dat robocop on this bitch last night, she couldn't walk straight the next day
by Kallum October 07, 2007
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A comical name for a male homosexual (faggot) - suggesting he likes to ream rectums (which he probably does)
John: Fucken rectum reamer loves that mangina, Ted
Ted: He sure does John, what a faggot
by Kallum October 07, 2007
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A comical name for a male homosexual (faggot) - much like the "back-door-bandit", suggests he steals fecal matter when he inserts his penis into another mans anus
John: "Whats with all these fuckin dirty stool stealers Ted?"
Ted: "I think we're in one of those fag bars John"
John: "How can you tell? They all look the same these days!"
by Kallum October 07, 2007
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