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1. The act of ignoring a statement or event which one finds disturbing or which defeats one's argument.
1. When reminded that he had originally been adamantly opposed to the surge strategy in Iraq, the President gave it a cranial bypass.
#syn: ignoring #circumventing #disregarding #in one ear and out the other #dismissing. ant: acknowledging #admitting #addressing
by LA AC September 08, 2010
Having too much to drink too many times, or otherwise strained the brain, so that a person doesn't remember something that happened or that was agreed to before. Can be a result of Cerebral Bulimia.
I know I told you that I'd never screw around at college," said Luther, "but that was before I had a cranial bypass at my freshman dorm.
#syn: brain purge #memory erasure #occasion deletion #denial #renege
by LA AC September 28, 2010
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