to come up with; for instance, to wrangle or to cook up in a less than desirable way. The word indicates that you are scraping the bottom of the barrel, as it were.
I'll try to crangle up a ride to the show on Friday night.
by edith eleanor April 29, 2008
Top Definition
Function: Noun
Pronunciation: \'crān-guhl\

The crusty area around a person's butthole. Most commonly found in homeless old men who have a poop fetish.
"Daaamn dawg, I just pounded dat old man's crangle"

"Oh my gosh Becky look at that old man's crusty crangle"
by CrangleMasta January 19, 2009
verb-to lie or cheat on a score, especially in golf matches
noun-(crangler)- a person who lies or cheats on a score, especially in golf
Man! One of those guys on my team crangled his score the whole time and won!
Ya I know...he's such a crangler
by meatton June 02, 2009
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