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To be 'Crangled' is to be intoxicated out of your mind as a result of taking powerful psycho-active drugs, often in a party situation. A portmanteaux of 'Crazy' and 'Mangled'. One who is crangled may be considered 'Crazzler'.
Wanna get crangled?

I was crangled last night!

I might as well change my name to Christopher K. Crangle because I was TOTALLY crangled last night.
by CK Crangle November 01, 2010
Deteriorated, run down, shoddy or damaged. Of poor quality.
Are you still rocking that Crangled old discman? You need to pop for an Ipod.
by Heidi stink June 14, 2010
To be at the butt of one’s prank, with no boundaries of embarrassment or humiliation. Can be used as a similarity of ‘a harsh way to be being made a fool of’.
That’s worse than being Punk'd! You’ve been crangled!
by John George September 14, 2007
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