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Crando refers to two different yet fitting concepts. The first being a kung fu move which is capable to execute upon the strike/A specific condition that crawls under your skin and gives you the worst case of the blahs you have ever had. Usually brought on by certain individuals who tend to blend into ones' life from time to time.
"Bruce Lee really held his own against the Shaolin Monk he fought in the last tournament he competed in before he moved to Oakland, CA." Well man, Bruce Lee can probably defreat anyone when he kicks down the crando condition upon his uponents. As water is fluid, the cracks will remain vulnerable."/"Timothy, Jan is extra crando today. She kept popping off about Jesus Christ and Christmas to our boss, who is completely Jewish. How could you send Merry Christmas cards to your office mates that say Merry Christmans. That's fuckin' crando." "True Knocking, ever heard of happy holidays. Cause I don't want a holiday in the sun bitch..."
by Timothy Stern August 03, 2007
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