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the best wesbsite for help with math, science, and physics, and other math related topics, create a free account search for you book and get rolling. It provides you with answers to the odd problems and a step by step on how to solve it, for even problems you must pay but it is worth it, however try out the free account and see if you like it, which if your major has anything to do with math you will!
Cramster helped me study for a test last night
by cramster help March 18, 2009
fist and penis injected into vagina at the same time. With other fist shoved into ass pushing hamster into oblivion.
Can you handle the cramster!
by willie really August 23, 2009
A person for whom the act of cramming is not merely an attempt to obtain large amounts of knowledge in a short time, but a lifestyle.
person 1: Hey, is Leeroy gonna be at the party?
Person 2: No, he's staying in, he's such a cramster!!111ONE OMFG
by Bopium May 10, 2007
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