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A tampon of the applicator-free variety, requiring cramming for insertion.
They only had o.b. but I don't use crampons.
by David Skin February 07, 2008
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Synonymous with douche bag and fuck wad, only with feminine association during menstruation.
"Gina isn't just hormonal, she's being a total crampon."
by Cinthya February 01, 2008
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Having sex with a girl while she has a tampon in.
Guy 1: Dude I can't believe you boned Kristin last night, wasn't she on her period?
Guy 2: Yeah so I gave her the crampon and watched her dig it out after!
Guy 1: What a slut!
by TrainStain February 05, 2011
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sworn enemy of hotrock.
not as powerful or cool, but they'll do.
is it a bird? is it a plane? no! it's crampon! no wait it's a plane.
by hardcore tomas January 04, 2007
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