Top Definition
form of greeting
use instead of "what's up, how's it going, what are ya doing"
Hey, what's crakalakin?
by Christina AKA Derf March 29, 2003
1)Awesome, Cool, Hip-happinen, Sweet, great, amazing

2)Whats up, sup

-Used in: Madagascarthe movie, when the zebra saw the rave party of lemurs
1) This place is crakalakin!

2) What's crakalakin?
happening; event
what's crakalakin
by jerome austin November 12, 2003
Definition by Snoop D oh double G: To have fun.
this party is crakalakin
by Elephant_Rider April 02, 2005
Completely lacking white people. A black neighborhood.
You can't hang here white boy. This club is crakalakin.
by Michael D Jones December 24, 2007
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