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1. Someone who is for the most part normal and sane. With episodes of being totally crazy, and no sense of normality.

2. Some one who is so crazy and it has baffled your mind. You don't have time to say the full word of crazy but shorten it to Crae-Crae.
Charlotte: oh, she is appears to be so perfect.

susan: yeah....but we all know she is crae-crae.
by sensei-pusan November 25, 2012
Meaning crazy. Only girls that are social outcasts and have no friends say it. Whosoever says crae should just shut up and learn to never say it . Really CRINGYY
Friend 1 : hey how was the party?
Friend 2: it was so crae crae
Friend 1: we are no longer friends
Friend 1 : *leaves*
by Non crae crae squad September 23, 2016
Crazy raised to the infinite power of crazy.
Suzie goes all crae-crae if you make nice nice with her boyfriend.
by Hawkewoman August 23, 2016
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