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Jim Rome Jungle Gloss for the Dallas Cowboys, circa 1995.
Evolved from the Cowboys' promotional slogan "America's Team".
"America's Team" became "America's Bandwagon" (due to so many out of town fans hopping on the Cowboys' bandwagon). "America's Bandwagon" was then shortened to "Bandwagon". After several Cowboys' players were arrested for various drug offenses, "Bandwagon" was renamed "Crackwagon" in reference to Michael Irvin's drug of choice.
The Raiders beat the crap out of the Crackwagon today.
by Captain Funkypants October 02, 2005
A derivative of the word bandwagon. Refers collectively to the people who use addictive MMORPG's (such as Final Fantasy XI), also refered to as crack.
Aw damn, Sam's back on the crackwagon. I thought he quit that shit.
by RoboSpy March 23, 2004