A mix of crackhead and retard.
"Wow, I just threw a fireball at her and she didn't move! What a cracktard!"
by Sora-chan :D April 27, 2007
Top Definition
1. One who is simultaneously acting like a fool and is exhibiting the sense and actions of a crack fiend.

Related to cracktaculous and crunktunculous.
"That guy over there, yammering away and picking fights with gangstas, is a cracktard."
by bad daddy April 13, 2005
Retarded child of a crack addicted mother by troop 330 the badass troop
Bolan is a cracktard
by PEE WEE January 10, 2005
Crackheads that act so crackish.......they're retarded. Combination of being a crackhead and acting retarded.
These cracktards keep parking in front ofmy house instead of the crack house.
by Sherëmy February 04, 2015
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